Dennes Deen

Some call it classically trained. Others call it old school. Many call it the onlyway: Dennes Deen earned his stripes as a real DJ. Not as a DJ/producer. Notas a producer who has to play gigs to pay for his studio. Not because his man-agement told him to. Dennes is a DJ. A deeply passionate one who’s beenhustling for 20 years.

1996: The hustle is real. Dennes, a teenager fresh out of the army, is queuingoutside Vienna’s most infamous nightclubs. Too young to even enter the club,he hands out mixtapes to promoters, clubbers, staff, even security. The hustlepaid off: By 17 Dennes was afterhours resident at Vienna’s illustrious Volks-garten, one of Austria’s most respected, longstanding house havens.

This is where his life as professional DJ began: Dennes held down his after-hours residency every Sunday morning for many years. Fusing deep, groove-laden soul with robust, rolling techno – a sound inspired by US originatorsSneak, Vasquez, Carter, MAW and many more – it’s at Volksgarten whereDennes carved his sound and developed a legendary reputation as a man whocould send off the city clubbers’ weekend in style. From regular Sunday disci-ples to famous DJs passing through, during the late 90s and much of the2000s, Dennes entertained them all.

Reputation as one of the Austrian capital’s notorious sleep-stealers spreadand bookings rolled in: First around Vienna, then around the country, thenaround Europe, then around the world. Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro,Macedonia, Albania, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Romania,Spain, Portugal, Japan, USA, Thailand … The list goes on.

Worldwide recognition as a DJ alone: Dennes has spent the last 20 years onthis selector’s crusade that’s almost unimaginable in the internet age where all DJs have to produce. From Space Ibiza to Nocturnal Miami and back again,he’s learnt the international language of house and techno playing the globe’smost illustrious venues alongside the game’s biggest names.

Productions did eventually follow … But only on Dennes’s terms. Preferring tofocus on fine-tuning his DJ skills, Dennes refused to go into the studio unlesshe had a real creative message. As a result his first productions landed onMarco Bailey’s MB Elektronics well over a decade after he first began life as aDJ: ‘Skin Deep’ and ‘Break It Up’ arrived in 2009 and were heavily supportedby the likes of Carl Cox, Umek and Valentino Kanzyani. It was followed by aremix of Philipp Straub’s ‘Big City Lights’ on Deep Dish’s revered Yoshitoshiimprint. It landed to equally high acclaim … But his discography wasn’t to beupdated until 2016.

One of Austria’s most in-demand DJs with a schedule that takes him aroundthe world, Dennes – who beat 40,000 hopefuls to become a Burn Studios final-ist in 2012 – has been inspired to rebuild his studio and develop his largestrepertoire of releases to date on respected imprints such as SchönbrunnerPerlen, LevelNONzero, Alchemy and DJ Sneak’s eminent beat brand I’m AHouse Gangster … A serious moment in any artist’s career, this is one espe-cially significant: Sneak’s ‘Keep On Groovin’’ was the first record Dennesbought as a DJ all those years ago.

Now with a message he wants to spread, and studio skills he’s proud to show-case, Dennes is ready to channel what he’s learnt during 20 years of DJ life-style into a brand new sonic chapter of his career. Call it classically trained.Call it old school. Call it next level.